Why don’t you take men’s or children’s clothing?

July 14, 2011

About a year after we opened customers began to ask where they could find a good men’s consignment shop.  Then the question became “Will you ever expand to accept men’s clothing?”  We actually considered it for a while – a short while.  We soon realized that though there may be a market for that, it would be a very specific market.  On average, men don’t have as many clothes or accessories as women and they are typically–how do I put this–not as gentle with their items.  The name of the game in this business is “looks brand new”.  That goes for both condition and style.  So we first nixed the idea because of lack of inventory.  But the other factor is shoppers.  Again, on average, women shop for men more than men shop for men.  This means lots of returns.  Returns are easy for resale, but much more involved for consignment.  At the end of the day we decided that there wasn’t enough demand to integrate this aspect into our business.

Now children’s consignment is an entirely different ball game.  There is definitely a market, and a booming one at that.  We never entertained integrating children’s consignment because that would be like trying to operate two completely separate operations as one storefront – we would have the exact opposite “problem” as men’s consignment.  We decided that we could either venture into both segments and do an ok job at both, or we could work to excel at one.  We chose the latter.

Since I rarely say “never” (as in we will never be open on Sundays – which we will never be :-) ) I won’t say that we will never venture into men’s or children’s.  But for the foreseeable future we plan to make our mark in the women’s industry.  Now down the road if you see another shop that reminds you of ours, be sure to ask if it’s us!  ;-)


One Response to Why don’t you take men’s or children’s clothing?

  1. John Kim on July 22, 2011 at 5:26 am

    Yeah, mens clothing is not as good as womens clothing. I guess most men are just fashion duds.

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